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8 Colours for Mandala Art & how they are used in Meditation

8 Colours for Mandala Art & how they are used in Meditation
February 11, 2022 The Svelte Shop
Mandala Art is a spiritual symbol and is commonly used as a form of meditation. Mandala designs are visually appealing and each design has its own unique meaning.

Mandala Art

No wonder we are truly inspired by Mandala, a rare beauty of art which means a circle and represents the Universe.
The meaning of Mandala originates from Sanskrit and the term mandala appears in a sacred text called Rigveda, an ancient Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns.
The basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point.
Most of the times, Mandalas are used for focusing one’s attention for meditation and trance induction.

8 Colors to choose from for your next mandala art and drawing:

Coloring a Mandala of your own is also a form of meditation. The internet has plenty of designs and mandala drawings to choose from.


RED: Energy and Passion

ORANGE: Creativity and Transformation

YELLOW: Laughter and Happiness

GREEN: Nature and Caring

PURPLE: All Things Spiritual

BLUE: Inner Peace

WHITE: Spiritual Focus

BLACK: Mystery and Deep Thinking


How to use Mandala Patterns for Meditation:

  • Set an intention and accordingly select a colour and a Mandala design that appeals you
  • Play a relaxing meditation music or just play the peace mantra: Om chanting
  • Focus and mesmerize in the lovely designs, the art and allow your mind to wander
  • Concentrate and gaze into the colours and the patterns
  • As you begin to fall into the magic of mandala, experience a feeling of lightness, positivity and good vibes
Every observer experiences different feelings. However,  meditating with the mandala leaves the observer calm and relaxed, and intention that was set before the meditation is clear and resolved.


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